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A solution that streamlines workload and tasking for providers and billing staffs.   

MedicalWorks Advanced EMR solution augments the basic EMR package by providing a rich set of Practice Management (PM) features and support which are essential for any Clinic.  These features allow for streamlining of provider as well as billing staff workload and tasking.  The features provided allow for the tracking and management of patient accounts, billing ledgers, and periodical statements.  Billing specialists are provided with the necessary tools to facilitate the documentation and recording of patient charges and credits as well as small balance write-offs and adjustments.

To improve billing accuracy, MedicalWorks Advanced EMR provides billing specialists with automatic charge posting features.  Billing information and charges are gathered and posted based on entries into patient electronic encounter forms.  Along with these features, the Advanced EMR provides an easy-to-use interface for generating patient bills, receipts, and statements.  Tracking delinquent patients and tagging accounts for collections is made easy by the rich feature-sets provided to the user.

Convenient daily account journals and day sheets are provided to help track and achieve your financial goals.  The Advanced EMR streamlines the accounting process allowing payments and outstanding balances to be tracked from appointment scheduling through to patient discharge.

Benefits of Advanced EMR

With MedicalWorks Advanced EMR 2008 you can manage the finances of the facility, provides coding assistance to reduce errors, and much more—all at an affordable price to fit any budget.

  • Tracking and management of patient accounts (payments, charges, adjustments)
  • Automatic posting of payments, charges, and adjustments to patient account ledgers
  • Coding assistance to help reduce coding errors
  • Daily accounting journals and days sheets
  • Tracking of delinquent Patient accounts and tagging them for Collection
  • Managing Patient Bill Ledger (credits, debits, adjustments and write-offs)
  • Generating patient bills, receipts, and periodical statements
  • Patient responsibility calculation assistance