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Benefits of Practice Management

MedicalWorks Practice Management 2008 has it all in one package. Work the way you want, schedule appointments, submit claims electronically, manage the finances of the facility, and much more—all at an affordable price to fit any budget.

  • Patient coverage verification and benefit assignment (270/271).
  • Creating and managing claims (Claim Wizard)
  • Viewing and updating claims (Keyed, Submitted, Unsubmitted, Rejected, Paid)
  • Coding assistance to help reduce claim denial and delay rates.
  • Submitting Health Care Claim (837) electronically
  • Printing Health Care Claims for paper submittal (HCFA 1500)
  • Saving claims in EDI format (837)
  • Claim Status retrieval (276/277)
  • Receiving Health Care Claim Payment/Advice electronically (835)
  • Automatic payment remittance and posting.
  • Viewing and printing the daily account journal/day sheet
  • Posting payments, charges, and adjustments to patient account
  • Viewing and updating Patient Bill Ledger (credits, debit, and adjustments on account)
  • Viewing delinquent Patient accounts

A proven solution that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. 

MedicalWorks Practice Management (PM) solution is a proven application that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Small, mid-sized to large facilities can benefit from the vast feature set provided by the PM Solution. The Solution augments the Advanced EMR functionalities by adding essential features that help decrease accounts receivable and increase payment remittance.

The PM solution streamlines the payment collection process by providing coverage verification capabilities before the point of service. Clinicians can verify coverage and benefit assignment during appointment scheduling process before ever deciding to accept patient assignment. This increases the likelihood of receiving timely payment and improves the clinic’s payment collection.

The PM solution also provides an intuitive and easy to use claim management solution. This solution provides coding assistant for improved and accurate coding, thereby eliminating errors in submitted claims. The interactive claim wizard guides the billing specialist through the claim filing process and checks for errors at every step ensuring successful filing and payment collection.

Payment Advice and Remittance transmissions are automatically processed and accurately posted to the appropriate patient’s account. Billing specialists need not wait on the telephone on hold as claim status information can be tracked with the simply click of a button. The goal of the PM solution is to decrease claim-filing errors while improving the payment turn-around period.


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