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Alopex Technologies, a global leader in custom software and hardware technologies, introduces the next generation of practice management solution, MedicalWorks 2008.

As our flagship product, MedicalWorks is a state of the art Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) Solution that is built on the latest technologies. The latest in XML, and J2EE technologies have been combined to create one of the world fastest growing EMR or EPM Solutions.
May 01, 2012 Alopex Technologies releases MedicalWorks 2012 to the medical community.

June 01, 2013 MedicalWorks 2012 aimed at the medical communities in Nigeria.
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1.Customer-centric approach.

MedicalWorks 2008 was developed with the help of certified clinicians and Alopex is fully prepared to work closely with our customers to tailor the solution to fit your practice. We also welcome and are open to suggestions that will help provide the medical industry with a valuable EMR or EPM solution.

2.Customer Service.

Customer service consists of 24-hour online help and a toll free customer support line. On-site installation and setup is an added bonus that ensures that the solution is tailored to fit within the restrictions and ambitions of your practice. This fosters a smooth transition into the fresh world of MedicalWorks 2008.

3.Complete and Unified System.

MedicalWorks 2008 provides a unified system that seamlessly combines an excellent EMR and a stellar EPM solution. Practice data flows effortlessly between the various sub-systems of the solution, thereby improving your clinic’s efficiency and creating a positive return on investment.

4.Innovative Technology.

To ensure that the latest innovations are available to our customers, we provide periodic software updates that will keep your clinic ahead of the curve. We provide a technological advantage over our competitors who have been using the same dated technology for the last 10-15 years. MedicalWorks leverages the latest in computing software and hardware to create a robust solution to fit any sized practice.

5.Cost Effective.

Lastly, MedicalWorks is an extremely affordable solution compared to other vendors offering similar products and packages. We pride ourselves in providing excellent solutions at affordable prices. There are no third party software costs to pass on to the customer. Therefore, we are able to provide affordable packages to small as well as large practices all around the globe. We will be happy to work with you in order to provide your practice with the right solution that fits your needs as well as your desired price range